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31 December, 2021

After 10 years of releases

After 10 years of releases, I have finally released the twentieth Fähund release, and this project now consists of 41 drone/ambient tracks. It has been ready for some time now and has finally been put together as a complete release. Hope you have enjoyed this project as much as me.

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Now it’s time to move on, I’ve invested much time this last year in my new project RE:FRACTION, a new dub techno project completely based on hardware. I have spent this year learning hardware sequencers, analog mixing and sound routing. And pursued a dream of getting into a genre I’ve been into for the last ten years.

There’s a release in the making with my new project and I have a YouTube channel where you can explore my latest journey. Vist my YouTube channel here.

23 December, 2021

It’s time to round things off

The 19th release from Fähund is here and it has been almost ten years since the first release and it’s time to round things off. And what started out as a project exploring the possibilities to create my own music, with a limited set up, has grown and I have moved on.

So from creating DAW based music I have moved to explore the world of producing outside a DAW with hardware. So this is the last series of Fähund releases that will be released until I can find new ways to keep this project creatively inspiring. I’m sure I will get back to this in time, but then in a new way, and with a new set of tools.

I have a complete new project that I’m totally focusing on right now, and more info on that in the next and final release.

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