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15 May, 2022

New project, new release

After ten years of producing ambient music, I thought it was time to enter a new area. So for the past year I have taken the step to build up a hardware setup, and start up a new project focusing on dub techno production. It’s been a road paved with new knowledge and investments. And it has been a journey filled with joy and creativity, and there is still so much to explore and learn.

Finally the first collection of re:fraction recordings is gathered and finalized into one album. Every track is arranged and recorded live into one stereo channel.

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31 December, 2021

After 10 years of releases

After 10 years of releases, I have finally released the twentieth Fähund release, and this project now consists of 41 drone/ambient tracks. It has been ready for some time now and has finally been put together as a complete release. Hope you have enjoyed this project as much as me.

Read more or  visit the Bandcamp page

Now it’s time to move on, I’ve invested much time this last year in my new project RE:FRACTION, a new dub techno project completely based on hardware. I have spent this year learning hardware sequencers, analog mixing and sound routing. And pursued a dream of getting into a genre I’ve been into for the last ten years.

There’s a release in the making with my new project and I have a YouTube channel where you can explore my latest journey. Vist my YouTube channel here.