re:fraction | Harsh Dunes

re:fraction - Harsh Dunes

  • Harsh Dunes — 11:26
  • Desertification — 10:40
  • Lowlands and Valleys — 08:44
  • Degraded Land — 07:38

2023, Bandcamp. SDSR027-DI01

“Amazing how just tweaking two effects manually, can create variations in soundscapes and make it so much more hypnotic and interesting. I could have lost my self into this forever.

I love music that seams to have no beginning or end. Work that just could go on forever, jam like sessions that just hypnotize. This is what I’m searching for, and it’s been so during all my years of consuming music. This is what makes me tick and grant me satisfaction. I think it’s an approach to the creative process that makes this happen and it hard to describe, I just know in my body when I find it.

This week’s session is an eleven and a half minute jam like session trying to find that hard to describe feeling. Thanks in advance to everyone taking time to consume this piece of work.”

11 November, 2022.
The day the title track “Harsh Dunes” was recorded.

This is a collection of recorded live sessions. All tracks written, composed, recorded, mixed, mastered & produced by Gustav Sandstedt.
℗&© All rights reserved Sound-driven society rec. 2023

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