re:fraction | Angular Momentum

re:fraction - Angular Momentum

  • Coordination System — 09:27
  • Angular Momentum — 09:35
  • Physical Quantity — 09:39
  • Kinetic Energy — 10:16
  • Central Force — 10:11
  • Electrodynamics — 11:19
  • Moment of Inertia — 10:44
  • Rotational Invariance — 09:40

2023, Bandcamp. SDSR31-DI01

This is the fifth full-length chapter in the re:fraction dub techno journey. It’s a collection of dub techno sessions performed and recorded live, compiled into an 80 minutes album.

It’s a follow up on the Quantum Mechanics album and created with the same approach, with eight tracks divided into four sections where each section shares the same key and are joined together as a 20 minute sets. All tracks have the same basic structure and sound that has been transferred and partially tweaked into eight unique sessions.

”Angular momentum is the rotational analog of linear momentum and an important physical quantity because it is a conserved quantity – the total angular momentum of a closed system remains constant and has both a direction and a magnitude, and both are conserved. Conservation of angular momentum is also why hurricanes form spirals and neutron stars have high rotational rates. In general, conservation limits the possible motion of a system, but it does not uniquely determine it.”

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