re:fraction | Retroactive Structures

re:fraction - Retroactive Structures

  • The Assumption — 09:42
  • Damage Control — 11:35
  • Query Operations — 07:07
  • Cascading Effect — 09:36
  • Automated Transfer — 09:24
  • Secondary Effects — 08:42
  • Current State — 12:49
  • Error Correction — 10:21

2023, Bandcamp. SDSR030-DI01

This is a retrospective album, a reference to the past, a period prior of today and a collection of retroactive structures.

When I first got my Digitak I created a project that only included this machine alone, with the purpose to dig into the functionality and to learn the machine properly. The result was 8 finished tracks that’s only been available through my YouTube channel as live sessions.

Some weeks ago when I was going through my previous old work I realized that I had forgotten all about them. I started listening to them and decided it was time to do a retrospective album with these tracks. So here it is the forgotten Digitak tracks compiled into one finished album.

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