re:fraction | The Solaris Remixes

re:fraction - The Solaris Remixes

  • Narcotic 303 - Solaris (re:fraction remix) — 07:51
  • Narcotic 303 - Tales of Alpha Centauri (re:fraction remix) — 07:48

New Release2024, Bandcamp. SDSR34-DI01

Early this year, I was granted the honor of doing a remix for Narcotic 303’s forthcoming release, “Solaris.” The song contains some styles of sounds I don’t regularly work with, so it was very inspiring to create this setup and I learned some new things. I’ve tried to embrace the original version as much as possible, but also add some of my own style and keep it fairly uptempo.

The Solaris remix is originally released by Insectorama. Thanks you Markus Masuhr for making this possible.

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