re:fraction | Coastline Paradox

re:fraction - Coastline Paradox

  • Coastline Paradox — 10:07
  • Fractal Curve — 08:58
  • Measurement Resolution — 09:54
  • Changing Realities — 10:20
  • Fractal Curve — 09:20

2023, Bandcamp. SDSR026-DI01

“Thank god it’s Friday! This week I present a bass driven “uptempo” dub techno track, filed with live tweaking and hands on improvisation. I have really grown fond of this way of producing, a fixed basic structure accompanied with a “go with the flow” arrangement and tweaking performance, never knowing exactly what to get each time. Every recording is a result of an hour or two of jamming before recording the final track. A perfect way to get lost in space and time, just what I need to recharge for another week. Take care out there.”

9 September, 2022.
The day the title track “Coastline Paradox” was recorded.

This is a collection of recorded live sessions. All tracks written, composed, recorded, mixed, mastered & produced by Gustav Sandstedt.
℗&© All rights reserved Sound-driven society rec. 2023

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