re:fraction | Parallel Directions

re:fraction - Parallel Directions

  • Parallel Directions — 08:03
  • Nanoscopic Shell — 08:36
  • Terminal velocity — 08:42
  • Scattered Wavelenghts — 07:46
  • Transitional Deposition — 08:30
  • Continuous Phase — 09:37
  • Dispersed in Liquid — 08:13
  • Multicritical Points — 09:56

2022, Bandcamp. SDSR025-DI01

Welcome to the second chapter of my musically journey of dub techno. It’s a collection of eight recorded sessions, compiled into one release I call “Parallel Directions”. For me this is a companion on a late knight drive home from an amazing trip. A laid-back ride reflecting on life and all the fantastic experiences and all that is ahead of me.

It’s also a time stamp in my journey of gathering knowledge, and a mark in the roadmap of learning new ways to develop and mix sounds together. It’s also a collection of samples and FM synthesis. All made possible with the fantastic technology that we humans collectively have made possible, by gathering and sharing knowledge with each other.

My work is a result of the knowledge I’ve collected from what many people before me has developed. It’s an legacy that I’ve tried to honor and manage with my own interpretation. I am eternally grateful that I have been given the chance to make this journey.

All tracks written, composed, recorded, mixed, mastered & produced by Gustav Sandstedt at the Ampersand Studio. Cover art by SBB graphic design.

℗&© All rights reserved Sound-driven society rec. 2022

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